Reinforcing stereotypes

I was forced to watch the news this afternoon. Mirinda needed to know if schools were going to be closed and she would be on the phone in important meetings regarding any outbreak overflow. I had to wait for the COBRA meeting to finish.

Eventually our prime minister came out and told us all what the country was going to do regarding the Covid-19 issue. Basically, nothing much.

He did say that 70 year olds shouldn’t go on any cruises.

In fact, he told us that a lot of our elderly relatives will die before their time. I think that was a little bit heartless. I guess it just shows his general lack of empathy. I’m wondering if it will affect his elderly relatives.

Speaking of the elderly, I see that Donald Trump might have contracted the virus from a Brazilian he shook hands with. Of course, Mr Trump maintains that the virus is either fake news or a Chinese plot so he’ll be fine.

Mind you, this morning he, suddenly, declared that planes from Europe would not be able to disgorge any European passengers in the US. Passengers from the UK were fine though. And US citizens returning from Europe were okay too.

I don’t blame Trump for being an incompetent fool. I blame Americans for electing him.

Here’s a nice photo of a tree against blue sky for no other reason than to change the tone of this post.

Not that the day was perfectly blue. Not by a long shot. In fact there were a couple of quite sudden showers of rain. Fortunately I largely avoided them.

I think I was just lucky because I had an early Talking Newspaper this morning so spent a lot of time outside. The sun, however, kept me company for most of it.

I saw something interesting on the way. A chap emerged from his council house, Sun newspaper in one hand and half a dozen empty Stella cans in the other. He appeared to have badly drawn, faded tats on his arms. We exchanged pleasantries about the weather. His accent was somewhat coarse.

I wondered, as I walked by, if he was aware of how much of a stereotype he was. Or, I should say, appeared to be. This is not a value judgement at all. He seemed a nice enough fellow. And, at least he used a Recycling bin.

Enough generalisations!

Today I had Liz, Rosemary W and the irrepressible John Evans reading with me. And what a funny, jolly time we had. There was some hearty laughs regarding the coronavirus (particularly regarding coughing into one’s elbow) and some tutting about the ever present pollution in the Borough. All in all we had a lovely time and I hope the listeners enjoy it come Saturday.

After walking home I sat in the extension, telly on, watching the rolling news.

How on earth do people have it on all the time? It was driving me mad. If it wasn’t for Simon McCoy’s delightful quips, I don’t think I’d have lasted the two hours I was forced to endure.

Anyway, it seems Mirinda’s college has it’s first case of the virus and classes will be suspended for the next week and people told to self isolate. It means Mirinda will be working from home all week so I guess there’s a rainbow to every bit of bad news.

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