Hopefully we’ll see more of Seymour

Being a Tuesday, I headed straight back from the gym to ring mum. Apart from the fact that she actually answered the phone this week, she was also reasonably cheerful. None of the strange Walker chat or moving to an apartment nonsense.

We talked about our Sunday at Wisley and our garden which made her happy. I think it’s because Denise has returned. As I mentioned to Mirinda it was like she grew worse with each day Denise was away.

As we both say, often, poor Denise.

Mum said that the weather has been awful in Queensland with non-stop rain. She also said that a few residents have been isolated because they are susceptible to Covid-19 and the staff don’t want to take any chances. Given the rain, she said, no-one is actually going outside anyway so everyone should be fine.

I never know what’s real during our conversations.

The thing is that mum watches the news almost constantly. She says it’s for ‘company’ though I have said that fiction would be far better company than the real life world at large. She agrees but continues to watch the news.

In far better news than the threatening pandemic, we met a long haired, long legged Jack Russell in the park today. His name was Seymour and he was young and boisterous.

Avenue of Trees

He was very interested in Freya’s back end. This is because Freya has come into season and is now a danger to herself. She’ll need to be on a lead for our walks and I think Mirinda might leave her at home with me when she takes Emma.

Anyway, Seymour was quite safe because, his owner assured me, he’d been ‘done’.

The odd thing about Seymour, who looked nothing like a Jack Russell, was that both his parents were normal looking, short haired Jack Russells. She saw them, given she wanted a Jack Russell. When she took Seymour home, he was just like his parents (and every Jack Russell), but after a short while his hair grew and his legs extended.

He was lovely but looked more like a terrier than a Jack Russell. His owner told me everyone says that.

Another very interested dog was Luna. Not Vivienne’s Luna though. I think I’ve mentioned before that we have three dogs called Luna that walk in the park. They are all black but that’s where the resemblance ends.

Today’s Luna was a boisterous poodly thing a bit bigger than Emma. She loves to run. Unusually, Freya played with her. Both of them spent ages running and chasing and rolling over. It was all very jolly.

Luna also chased Emma whenever she chased her ball. Luna was not interested in the ball. She just wanted to chase Emma.

The weather all looked a bit grim (there was a light rain in the morning) but the temperature was mild.

And while the park was a tad muddy, the girls had an excellent run around, collapsing as soon as I’d washed their paws back home.

Prick of the Week

This morning, returning from the gym, this chap decided that, in order to deliver something across the road, it was fine to use the footpath.

He’s avoiding the drive way just behind him and not blocking the traffic so, he just hates pedestrians. This is quite unusual because most POTWs consider no-one but themselves.

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