The apple in my ear

There’s lots of things that we, as humans, take for granted. One of those things is that when we’re sold something we figure it’s going to have been tested. And tested to a point where it won’t harm us in the short or long terms. (Except for guns, obviously, but then that’s an American thing.)

I have recently been researching the amount of and harm done by, EMF radiation. That’s the stuff that goes to and from mobile phone masts to and from our mobile phones (among other devices) almost constantly. A small amount is fine but prolonged exposure can cause cancer in users.

Imagine you are making a phone call. You hold your smartphone to your ear. The EMF radiation is hitting the phone and leaving the phone in equal measure. In holding the phone to your ear, you are directing the radiation directly into your brain.

That can be easily sorted by using hands free – earplugs (or headphones) and a mic enables you to keep the phone away from your head. Or, if you’re at home, use speakerphone. At least it was before Apple decided the headphone jack served no useful purpose. Not when you can force your users to use AirPods.

If you think about it, AirPods are like little antenna, directing the EMF radiation directly into your ear. So much more affective than just using the phone because it works for both sides of your head.

This morning, sitting in Nero’s, I was aware of a chap, obviously working in the corner. He started a phone call which lasted at least half an hour (he was still talking when I left) all of which was carried out via his AirPods. I assume he does this all the time. I wonder what he’ll do if he’s diagnosed with a brain tumour?

Mirinda’s decision to upgrade from her iPhone 6 to the new 11 was based on the fact that you can buy an adaptor for the charging point that allows you to still use your wired headphones. (Admittedly, this was in part because she loves her Bose headphones.)

In March 2019, a group of 250 scientists wrote a letter to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the UN concerned about the proliferation of bluetooth devices designed to be close to the body.

While the AirPods may not exceed the legal limit decided by the standards set down by ICNIRP 1998 (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection), in the UK anyway, the fact that it’s happening in real time means prolonged exposure is being tested by every single person using them.

Mind you, one frightening thing I read was how Apple in the US submitted tests of their phones some years ago and they all fell slightly below the recommended radiation levels which meant they could sell them. When an independent reviewer tested a device ‘off the shelf’ the test results were ridiculously high.

That sounds remarkably similar to the VW fake test results to me.

Anyway, my research has prompted me to switch my phone to airplane mode most of the time and carry it in my bag. If it is ‘awake’ I make sure it’s not in my back pocket saturating my buttocks in radiation. I only make calls on speaker phone with the phone sitting well away from me as well.

I pity the poor children walking around with these white antenna in their ears. Surely their youth makes them a bit more susceptible to brain tumours later in life. Actually it reminds me of the Marlborough Man. I wonder that their parents don’t care.

The more I learn, the more I despise Capitalism.

Change of pace time…

Poppy Watch

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of change. This could be the regular rainfall of course. According to Mirinda, they will probably not flower at all. My fingers are crossed that they will flower and survive.

The pea sticks in the bed are for lavender location.

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