Moving on through Surrey

Caterham is complete. That is the news I had for Dr B today. The mammoth amount of memorial men has been entered. Today I started Elstead. And I have to say, it feels rather good to be back in my own neck of the woods (as well as in my office). Elstead is just down the road and it helps knowing the surrounding area.

Working in my office today

Caterham was all a bit alien, a foreign country with towns and villages I’d never heard of. Actually, I hadn’t heard of Caterham before I started researching their WWI fallen. I know that ‘ham’ is an Anglo Saxon suffix meaning small gathering of buildings or settlement but I haven’t been able to find out who or what a ‘cater’ was.

Anyway, it is remarkable for having had barracks for the Coldstream Guards, an overpriced private school and a mental asylum. I researched quite a few soldiers in one, a few pupils from another and mental assistants in the last. Also, Angus Deayton came from Caterham

Having Mirinda home to keep the girls company meant I was able to sit in my office and work with the door closed and the heater on. Freya isn’t too bad (unless she sees a squirrel) but Emma wants the door open so she can lie on the threshold and run out whenever she feels like it.

Given the temperature was below double figures, I really wanted the door closed, which is why I tend to work at the dining table this time of the year. Or when it’s raining. Or both.

While I love the convenience of my small hybrid, my laptop in the office is much faster and means I can tick off a lot more soldiers. Which I did.

I ran through the Burchett family and what I thought was the Ellis family until I discovered that of the four Ellis men who died in the war, none of them were siblings.

The Burchett Boys, however, were brothers and I cannot imagine the depth of despair a family would feel losing four children to war. In particular a war that had nothing to do with anything other than a couple of rulers having an argument over the size of their dicks.

I feel it’s small consolation to record the deeds of these men but it’s the least I can do.

View through my window

Weather-wise, today was all blue sky and sunshine. No rain, no wind, nothing but cold, crisp brightness.

Mirinda was even able to take the girls to Frensham which helped with the relief of her hangover from last night. Mind you, she wasn’t as bad as Sarah who didn’t manage to recover all day…or so I heard. Operative R, on the other hand, was very smart and left the celebrations after an hour and very little alcoholic imbibing.

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