Where’s the avocados, Arthur?

There were two odd things to start my day today. Firstly, it snowed. Very lightly and it wasn’t cold enoough for it to do anything but melt, however, it was snow. Secondly, as I headed into the park, on top of the bin, there were two avocados on very wet tissue paper.

What’s that about?

The wet tissue was not just because of the snow but, mostly because of the persistent rain. It meant my walk into town then on to the Talking Newspaper studio was somewhat damp. It was bad enough to force me into a raincoat.

I was presenting the Haslemere edition this week and had a wonderful team. There were laughs before we even started recording. Penny, Lindsay, Nigel and I were all in fits, swapping anecdotes. Then our sound engineer Tim joined in when we went into the studio.

Nigel assured me that he read with me once, about two years ago but I didn’t remember. I wish he’d read with me more often. He is very funny and almost as chaotic as me.

Penny and Lindsay have both read with me many times and are always great value. Surprisingly, we three all attended City University though all at different times.

The whole session was filled with great joy and hilarity. Surprisingly there were very few edits to be done and I’m sure Tim had an early afternoon as did the rest of us.

Walking home (via Waitrose) the weather had improved so much I really wished I’d left my raincoat at home. It was a different world in the park.


There was no observable change in the fortunes of the Californian poppies today, however it occurred to me that the strange depressions in the raised bed could have been caused by tiny alien space craft.

A G’Gugvuntt scouting mission? I better warn the dogs.

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