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Nicholas Parsons died aged 96 today. Mr Parsons holds the record for the longest serving chairman of any radio show anywhere. Since it’s beginning in 1967, he was the chairmen of Just a Minute. He presented all but around 12 of the 947 episodes. It seems that he was also an amazing man of great wit and joy for life.

Not that I knew him.

I read his autobiography years ago and was struck by what a nice chap he seemed to be. Then, today the airwaves were full of anecdotes about him and what came through all of them was how lovely, supportive and funny he was. If you’re going to be remembered, I think that pretty much is how you want it to be.

Photo from BBC tweet

At home things were pretty much normal. Apart from the fact that Mirinda had to leave home stupidly early for an all day meeting which segued into dinner. Which meant I didn’t get a sleep in. Still, lying on the lounge with the dogs for an hour is a sort of sleep in.

But, eventually, I had to move and start househusbandly duties. Like washing the library floor, for instance.

One of the unpleasant side effects of Emma’s season is how she spreads red drops all over the place. Generally I clean them up as I find them but I was unaware of one. At the base of the ladder back chair, the spot she uses to access the window sill, there’s a faint spray on the oak floor. Mirinda pointed it out and wondered why.

In turn, pointed out that she jumps from the same spot to get onto the chair and, clearly, she leaked at launch.

So, today, I took everything moveable out of the library (more or less) then vac’d and washed the floor.

I was amazed at how much stuff there is in the library when it’s taken out and put in the vestibule. I was made very aware of it when Richard knocked with the eggs and I had to struggle through the blockage.

Unaware of housework she caused, Emma was extremely happy. Finally, after days of rain and house bound boredom, we went to the park. There was a lot of ball chasing, butt sniffing and general pleasure as we made our usual stroll to the bench where we worked away for an hour of exhaustion.

Don’t be fooled. The wind had a chill factor that would snap freeze peas.

It was while I was sitting that I had a text from Mirinda. I had to work out what we needed to fill the raised bed. I had to research the best options then find out where to buy it. That was how I spent a lot of my afternoon.

I noticed from our bench that the first snowdrops have appeared in the park. This could have been days ago given it’s the first time I’ve been up there since late last week. Still, it’s always a sign that winter is moving away.

At the base of a tree on the Avenue of them
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