A deer before bedtime

As I was putting the rubbish out tonight, a deer raced up the footpath to the park. It spotted me and diverted into Fiona and Bruce’s front garden before heading on up into the darkness. It was a bit of a shock for us both.

Another surprise was my seeing one of the new occupants of Sally’s house. They have been quite secretive up till now. Mind you, I only saw her because she happened to get a food delivery as I walked by on my way home tonight.

I’d been to the flat. I met Tomasz there so he could fit the curtain pole. The final job of the Redecoration Project. Actually the reason it all happened.

Back late last year the old curtain rail (been there since the building was built) snapped off the wall and the curtain came tumbling down. I decided it would be a good idea to get all the jobs done at the same time so, having found Tomasz on Check-a-Trade, I had him come over and quote for floor, walls and curtain pole.

Having painted and floored over Christmas, the pole was the final bit of the job.

I headed into London having first been to the gym. The gym was a mistake. I thought I was better but I thought wrong. I was Mr Sniffly Snuffles all day and I felt exhausted. At least I didn’t have to do too much at the flat.

Maine Tower

Mind you, I could have done without the rain. Concierge Connie claimed it was my fault; that I’d brought it with me from Surrey. I apologised through my sniffing.

I sat in the flat, Radio 3 entertaining me and took down the wooden birds. The sticky gel things have not worked. The ones I originally bought were excellent but these new ones are useless.

The kookaburra and a rosella had fallen off the wall. The poor kookaburra lost her tail. I can fix it easy enough but it’s very annoying. The brackets are going to need to be fixed a bit more permanently.

Otherwise, everything went well. Tomasz turned up at 17:30 and set to work. It took him less than an hour. After he left I hung the curtains.

A bit of privacy at last

Of course the curtains are now too long but, as I explained to Mirinda, they will act as sweepers now the floor is wood.

I also vac’d before leaving for home.

Canary Wharf, even after 7pm of a Monday, is crowded with people still leaving work. All miserable looking, all rushing. I could think of little worse in terms of employment.

Taking time to admire the raindrop

Waterloo was very similar with crowds of disgruntled workers. At least it was quick. Well, it was for me, as I watched an episode of Jan de Lichte.

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