It’s not right for the local vernacular

I really should have taken my trolley shopping this morning. Having shopped, the normal carry bag was so heavy I was forced to catch a bus home. Mind you, I’m still suffering under the thumb of the cold so the bus was probably a good thing. It wasn’t full so I’m sure I didn’t infect anyone.

The bag was heavy because I’d stupidly agreed to make paleo bread this week and I should have bought the ingredients yesterday. Of course I didn’t go shopping yesterday so today was a double down shop.

The trip hadn’t started so well. Given I was having a Nero’s coffee I figured I’d visit Holland and Barrett before going up the Lion and Lamb to Waitrose. As I reached the front doors I discovered that Holland and Barrett wasn’t open for another half an hour.

I recrossed West Street (never a pleasure) knowing I’d have to do it yet again on the way home. It’s never a happy experience standing on the kerb waiting for the seemingly infinite stream of cars to develop some sort of gap. Eventually I was rescued by someone pushing the pedestrian button on the traffic lights outside the old post office.

A little later I discovered that Farnham Town Council has decided to take the bull by the horns and make it a lot easier to cross between the Lion and Lamb and Holland and Barrett. They are going to attempt to hold a weekly market in West Street between the Hart and Downing Street.

If this ever happens it will be a wonderful thing. It won’t really address the pollution problem in the Borough or the traffic back before the Hart but, baby steps I guess.

Not that it’ll be happening for a while. In the usual fashion, the council needs to ask everybody in the world how they feel about it first. This probably means it won’t happen because, as we all know, cars are way more important than people.

But enough complaining. While I was in Waitrose I passed a couple of women. As I did the title of this post wafted into my ears. I have no idea if she was talking about the architecture or native language but it seems a rather high falutin’ sentence. It also struck me as a magnificent post title.

Back at home I made the promised paleo loaf. It was very much enjoyed with lunch, proving it was well worth the hassle.

Mmmm, paleo bread!

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