Two blobs of caramel mousse

I have started a new tradition. After dining at the Chesil on New Year’s Eve, I will now attempt to watch a zombie movie before going to bed. Having managed this year, I have decided it should become the ‘thing I do’ just after the New Year gongs.

Of course, I have had New Year Viewing traditions before.

I used to watch Jools Holland’s Hootenany on the BBC until I discovered it was pre-filmed in November. This put me right off and I stopped watching it.

Then I started watching one of my Five Favourite Films. I used to try and watch all of them through the year, saving one for NYE. It worked for a couple of years but this year (2019) I haven’t managed to watch any of my favourites. It’s probably because Netflix has taken over our viewing lives and the DVD player has lain dormant for ages.

So, having dined at the Chesil tonight and journeyed home, I searched through the Netflix catalogue to discover a French/Canadian zombie film called Ravenous. Which is a very handy way to segue into dinner.

Back in September I’d booked our now traditional NYE dinner at the Chesil in Winchester. It’s always a gourmand-ical treat for both the eyes and the mouth. We really wanted to enjoy it, so we managed to avoid much food during the day.

I, of course, had my foot up while I worked on the tax and new attempts at budgeting and Mirinda was working, mostly, on a journal article. Halfway though the day she interrupted her work to take the girls to Hankley which all three enjoyed immensely.

It was all too soon time to don the old tweed suit and head down to Winchester.

NYE 2019 menu

Talking of my three piece suit, it’s not often I get a compliment from bar staff but the guy at the Chesil made a point of saying how good my suit looked. What with making Sophie squeal, this new suit of mine sure causes heads to turn.

In reciprocity, I complimented his neck wear which turned out to be a bit of loose material held together, artfully, with a blood donor’s pin. He explained he couldn’t find a tie so he improvised. I thought it looked really good.

The staff at the Chesil are always fun and tonight was no different. Our main waitress, who really knew her wine, also knew how to keep people entertained. We laughed and joked with her most of the night.

Halibut…or Halley’s Butt as I called it. Not in custard.

Obviously the food was superb, all seven courses, and the wine flight ensured that the liquid perfectly matched the solid. Even the giant bottle of port that accompanied the cheese course.

The dessert was especially good. Mirinda provided me with a title for this post when referring to the light coloured mounds either side of the chocolate mini slab.

Seriously good

Possibly the best bit of the night was the fact that my knee seems to be well on the way to mending. I managed the stairs at the Chesil (tricky when my knees are working) twice and the walk to and from Max. I have to go to the flat on Friday so it augurs well.

Just as we arrived home, the fireworks started. Freya wasn’t a bit bothered but Emma wasn’t very happy. Of course we didn’t make more of a fuss than we normally do. Then, while Freya went to bed with Mirinda, Emma curled up with me to watch the zombie movie.

The movie was very odd. I might talk about it tomorrow. Suffice it to say I went to bed very late. Or early in the new decade.

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