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Our daffodils have already started appearing in the Candy Bed. According to the RHS website, it’s because of the warmer weather we’ve been having. Which makes sense. They go on to say that the bulbs start growing underground as soon as they are planted. Then, as the weather warms up, the green shoots begin to appear above ground. Apparently they will be fine for a normal spring flowering. Whenever that happens next year.

Some daffs

It seems that if the weather suddenly turns cold then the growth just slows down. Even if it snows, the snow will protect the shoots by keeping them warm. So, no need to worry then.

While on the subject of the weather…Greta Thunberg guest edited the Today programme this morning. At one point it featured an interview with her father, Svante. He seems like a caring father to me. This flies in the face of lots of old white men who claim he must be a rubbish parent.

Greta also had her first chat with David Attenborough. This was lovely. A 16 year old chatting to a 93 year old about the fate of the planet. Both of them care deeply about the world and the damage that is being done. Greta said it was David who shone the light for her to see in one of his early nature programmes. He said it was sad that no-one listened back in the 90’s.

Someone on Twitter commented on her guest editing and, because of a typo, called her Great Thunberg. I think that’s quite an apt typo.

More daffs

I’m still resting my knee so didn’t actually leave the house beyond the back garden. Mirinda made up for my static attitude by going into Farnham and trying out the new bookshop/cafe. While not particularly impressed by the service, she managed to control her temper. Bravo.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Everyone who graduated at Winchester this year was given a copy of Greta’s book, which I thought was a nice touch.

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