One leg to stand on

Gout, Paris, Florence, lots of walking. My right knee is paying the price for my excesses. It is very painful to the extent that I have to walk with my right leg bent backwards rather than the proper way. It’s very difficult to support myself on it at times. Fortunately my cane and my left leg work very well. I guess that makes me lucky.

Because of my knee, I am having a rest from unnecessary walking. This is by order of Dr Mirinda. Officially Dr Mirinda.

Unnecessary walking extended to sitting in the car with my book while she took the girls for a walk at Frensham. We decided it made more sense taking them for a walk straight from the kennels rather than go home, give them a bath then go out again.

Of course I had to go and pay and collect them because Mirinda had a falling out with the staff there once. She swore that it wouldn’t happen again but I have spent years building up an excellent relationship and do not want it spoiled. A read in the car was worth it.

And boy were the girls excited.

As soon as they saw me they went mad and didn’t stop until I put them in the sink for their customary post-kennel bath. Emma was so excited she stood on the central console in Max, which is Freya’s spot.

Right before Emma shoved Freya out of the way

There’s something extra special about having them home. They brighten everything.

The walk at Frensham, according to Mirinda, was very crowded. Given the weather over the last few weeks, it makes sense that people would be flocking into the outside. According to both Neighbour Dave and Carol, apart from Christmas Day, it hasn’t stopped raining here.

Mirinda, however, knows a few ‘off the beaten track’ places at Frensham and managed to avoid the bulk of the crowds. Still, she only walked for an hour before we headed back home. I think she was worried I’d be bored. Silly Mirinda. Apart from my book I also had a couple of weeks of The Archers to catch up on.

At home we settled in for the night with two beautifully clean and still boisterous puppies. I cooked salmon and avocado and we then finished watching the newest incarnation of War of the Worlds.

And I have to say that it didn’t impress me overly much. Nice idea badly done, would be my review. Also that Woking looked altogether too pretty and unrealistic. The reason HG Wells had the Martians destroy Woking was because he disliked it so much.

Still, it was only based on the original book so I guess the gentrification of Woking could just as easily be invented as well.

And we’re not alone in our opinion. Reviews I’ve read are generally not favourable. At least it was only three episodes.

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  1. Dawn says:

    If only Woking was like that (before the Martians).


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