And it didn’t rain

I had another letter in the Herald today. It was a rebuttal of the response to my rather long, philosophical one from a while ago. Today’s letter was punchy (Mirinda’s word) and to the point. No philosophical meandering, no pretty words. I was very pleased with it.

The subject of the letter was, as usual, the traffic in Farnham. It was oddly prescient therefore that I should run into this on my way to Nero’s after the gym.

Imagine a wheelchair user or a blind person, finding this in their path. I find this one of the most inconsiderate bits of driver behaviour I think I’ve ever seen. This trumps the guy sitting in his car with the engine running, eating his lunch. Worse is the fact that there’s a car park behind the building and the entrance is just to the left.

The driver of the car above is a first class, inconsiderate arsehole.

Other than that slab of annoyance, the rest of my day was full of shopping, housework, dog walking and letter box cage installation. Of course I had to be prepared for when the postman delivered in order to beat Emma to the mail because the cage arrived afterwards but, all was well and I managed to keep the new Watt’s Gallery brochure intact.

The biggest surprise of the day was that Fernando, the villan in Plastic Sea turned up in the Spanish TV series I’m currently watching (Unauthorised Living) as another baddie! There was no set up of his character necessary.

As I watched today’s episode while pedalling away on the bike I watched the guys across the road doing something constructive on the long awaited houses that have take over the car yard. (I’ve photographed it a few times over the centuries but haven’t for a while.)

One day we may get our footpath back
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