Emma has a problem working out which mail items are hers and which are not. She sees everything that comes through the letter box as being part of an elaborate plan to keep her amused. The game, which she invented, consists of someone (usually the postman but could be a campaigning politician) pushing something through in time for her to grab it, take it into the extension and rip it to shreds.

Ages ago I bought a letter cage in order to save things like theatre tickets and shipping journals from her teeth. Of course, when I empty the cage I always give her anything I don’t want, seeing as she seems to enjoy chewing up such things as Tory/Brexit advertising and double glazing bumpf.

Of course, she still attacks the letter cage but it has managed to withstand her full frontal assaults. Well, up until today anyway.

She decided she’d had enough so, after the postman had shoved a few envelopes through the door she went into full-on Destructo-Dog Mode. Here is the result of her attack:

Her punishment was purely coincidence as I took them up to the vet after lunch to have their yearly shots. Actually, it wasn’t much of a punishment because Emma quite likes going to the vet, possibly because she gets a lot of attention.

Freya isn’t so keen. As we sat in the waiting room she was shaking with anticipated fear on my lap while Emma (also on my lap) just sat and watched, completely at ease. Things didn’t improve once inside with the vet either. Emma was perfectly behaved and passed everything with flying colours, even the spray up the nose.

Freya though was clearly concerned about…who knows. The vet said she was fine though her heart was racing given her odd fear of…who knows. She spent a lot of our time there pushed up against me while the vet examined her. She really is a fearful dog.

Of course, after we’d left the vet and were on our way home, she was perfectly okay, all fears forgotten. Mind you, I have to start cleaning her teeth and I reckon she’s not going to like that much.

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