Seeing the trees for the wood

Today had one of those glorious, sun shine ridden mornings that make gardeners rejoice. While the north of the country is deeply underwater and rivers are raging and the rain continues to lash down, our little bit is perfectly calm and pleasant. It just shows how disaster can be another world away when it’s just a few hours up the road.

That goes for the bush fires raging through NSW and Queensland at the moment as well. If anyone really needs an indication that the humans have stuffed this planet up, just look at the bushfire frequency increase in Australia (and the ones in California). The flames, I hear, are being fanned by excessive heat and strong winds. I’d go further and say that extreme weather events are fanned by human stupidity to see the wood for the ashes.

No extremes here in Surrey though as Gardener Dave and yet another sidekick turned up. It was cold but clear so they set themselves to work, going through Mirinda’s list (she had to go to work first thing) and making the garden look as good as new.

I’m always astounded by the changes wrought once they’ve gone. It’s almost like another garden from the one they started with. The Hot Border, especially, has undergone massive change and is now looking very respectable.

The grass (which Mirinda laughingly calls The Lawn) is having another treatment, this time in an attempt to eradicate the excess of moss. This requires a special sprinkling of seedy stuff. This, in turn, requires fencing off to keep the girls away. Dave reckons they get it on their paws and, I don’t know but assume, lick it off.

Anyway, the three of us wrestled a whole bunch of chicken wire to cut the garden in half which Emma saw as a challenge and completely negated by going under the holly tree.

The other big job was transplanting the lavender plants which have not enjoyed their home along the path. It’s because of the drainage from water coming off the park and nestling in the garden. The lavender does not like it and is suffering. The solution is to put a wooden raised bed along the path, rather than leaving it flat.

Before building the raised bed, the plants have to be trimmed and removed, which is something else that Dave did today.

As for me, I pottered around the house before taking the girls to the park where we met two beautiful miniature poodles who decided that our two were worthy of their attentions.

They reminded me of Carmen and Day-z except that they were friendly.

Anyway, the park was lovely though the wind was quite chill and the clouds started to cluster in a signal for us to go back home. Not that it rained. At all.

Avenue of Trees
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