Mistaking wasabi for avocado

The last time we went for a UK celebration meal, we discovered the amazing Pulpo in Arlesford. It serves amazing tapas and is very popular. That night we also discovered (but didn’t try) a new Japanese restaurant directly across the road from Pulpo called Dashi. Given it was my birthday in the week, it was my choice for a restaurant. Dashi was always going to be the one.

While my actual birthday was last Wednesday, the restaurant was full on Friday and yesterday we were both a bit busy so it was decided we’d go tonight. At first we thought we were going to be the only ones there, given the place looked deserted, but the restaurant is actually upstairs where the other diners were hiding.

Not that there were thousands. In fact, when we arrived, there was a family of four and a couple. While we ate another couple arrived, ate then left. Mind you, it was a Sunday.

Speaking of the family of four…it was very nice seeing two small children not only eating Japanese food but also eating it with chopsticks. And then, to top it off, eating wasabi ice cream. Now that’s two well brought up kids.

The Taste of Japan

We had the set menu (for 2) which was superb. A lovely selection of plates from sashimi to chicken, from sushi to green tea stuffed pancakes. I thoroughly enjoyed it though it did make me wish I was eating it in Kyoto or Kanasawa. Actually I really miss Japan which is surprising given I’ve only been once for two weeks (Mirinda has been twice, lucky thing) and it doesn’t look like we’ll be returning until 2021. Still, good to know there’s a brilliant Japanese restaurant not too far away.

Actually, there’s two because Sushi Jun in Farnham is excellent (though different).

Rather than wine, and after a bit of confusion, Mirinda had plum sake while I went for the warm sake sans plum to wash down the food (after my Kirin beer, of course). It was all utterly delightful, even the 30 degree sloping floor. Honestly, I felt like I was high on a throne looking benevolently down upon my subjects.

Plum sake etiquette

Given the sad fact that we were badly treated by Bel and the Dragon in Odiham and also given the departure of my favourite Farnham restaurant, I think Dashi may just be my new favourite go-to celebration eatery. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Highly recommended for both food and sake. We’ll definitely be back.

Though, a little word of warning. Be careful you don’t mistake the wasabi for avocado like Mirinda did. The effect on your tongue is not a happy one when you’re not expecting it.

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