Gaz the idiot

I had such a lovely day planned for myself. Because I was down to read for the Talking Newspaper magazine edition this morning and given Mirinda was working from home, I decided to go the gym first then head for the studio. Then, I figured I’d stroll back into Farnham after the recording and have some tapas at Bloom. I would then go shopping, maybe pop into Elphicks, maybe not, and slowly return home.

Mirinda had food in the house for her lunch and she’d be there for the puppies. It seemed to be a perfect plan. Sadly it was actually a deeply, deeply flawed plan.

It all started off perfect. The gym was great and I even posted a PB (with apologies to David W for the use of the acronym) on the Lat Pulldown (35kg) and felt quite hoist when I left, bouncing along the narrow footpath, heading for Nero’s.

Of course, the schools have gone back so Starbucks is, basically, a no go zone for the time being. Not so Nero’s which welcomed me and made me a delicious coffee which I sat and sipped before heading back out into the Borough.

Normally I would walk via all the back alleys but, for some reason, today I decided to walk along West Street which was where I ran into David W (not literally and actually he hailed me from behind) and we walked together, chatting about sport (the dreaded PB) and travelling through Europe by train when flying is so bad. He wasn’t reading but was on duty in the office today.

(Given David W’s propensity for writing letters to the paper, I was surprised he didn’t mention my ‘philosophical’ effort from last week unless that was why we started talking about train v plane travel.)

Anyway, eventually we walked into the studio and I was greeted with a questioning Tony who was very surprised to see me. Tony was presenting the magazine. I smiled with a certain degree of uncertainty. He chuckled as he told me I wasn’t rostered on.

I checked the roster and, of course, he was right. Ages ago I’d made a swap with Judy and I was down to read for the December magazine. Oh, how we laughed.

I wished them all a happy session, took up my stick and started off walking again.

Now I was in a quandary. I could have headed for the library, I guess, and waited for Bloom to open so I could still have my tapas but I didn’t have pencil or paper with me so that seemed a bit pointless. (For research. I guess I could have just sat and read.)

I thought I’d pop into Starbucks and have a coffee given it was now gone 10 and the school drop-off parents should have gone.

Except they weren’t.

In fact, not only were the school drop-off parents still there but they had invited along the Loudest Parent of All along just to amplify every personal detail about them. As an example…one of the parents was, quietly, talking about the difficulties with his wife and how he felt guilty about blaming her for him not completing his university education. The Loudest Parent of All then told him (and everyone else in Starbucks) about the advantages of counselling in getting over most bumps in the road.

(I find it odd that the Loudest Parent of All has the loudest pre-school child of all because I’m amazed the child hasn’t just given up trying to be heard. Contra-wise, the child just goes a few levels louder. It makes for a very noisy coffee.)

Andrew was there, working away on his big boy laptop. I went over, as I was leaving, and asked him how on earth he could concentrate on work with all the noise. He looked me in the eye and, with a sad grin said “Fuck knows, Gaz!” I smiled back and left him to it.

I had decided to go shopping then just go home. But the weather intervened. As I was walking down Long Garden Walk, the rain started and I was looking at a rather damp and soaking trek home. It was 11:10 when I turned right instead of left onto Castle Street and went into Bill’s for brunch.

Remains of Eggs Royale and a Peroni

I haven’t been in since the redecoration and I reckon they’ve done an excellent job. It has the feel of a garden room. The service was a delight and I thoroughly enjoyed it apart from the fact that my eReader was flat and I was forced to ‘read’ my phone instead. Just another bit of bad planning by me, I’m afraid.

As I sat and ate (and drank) the rain went away and the sun came out. I knew it was time to leave. I collected my various packages and walked home, as the sky grew progressively darker. Given how the rest of the day had panned out, surprisingly I didn’t get rained on.

Anyway, the day was still a joy particularly when I related it to Mirinda who agreed that I’m an idiot. Still, I get to do it all again in early December so maybe then I’ll get to Bloom for some tapas.

Emma doesn’t think I’m an idiot
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