Threat of rain fails to appear

While we were in Puglia the clocks went back to normal time. This marks our transition into hygge. As I wrote last week, the table cloth came out and was ceremoniously laid, the candles arranged as randomly as possible and the overhead lights were kept low. Today I completed the hygge picture.

In an unusual turn of events, I didn’t go shopping this morning. I managed to get supplies yesterday and so, this morning, I was able to phone mum.

We had a lovely chat about the new bus, the auditorium and the well being of various residents I met in May.

The rest of the day was spent researching various important things (Eurostar times, greenhouse heaters, wooden floors, graduation gowns) and retrieving the hygge lights prior to the big hang.

We also popped in to the Forest Lodge garden centre because…well, because it was a Sunday.

While the clouds looked quite threatening, it didn’t actually rain, merely created a lovely photograph.

Once the sun had gone and the lights were flickering away, I roasted a chicken in the Persian way and we opened a bottle of very dry white.

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