Tricksy puppies

This morning I left for the gym at 07:30. Mirinda then left for work a little while later. When Mirinda leaves the house after me she leaves the girls inside. It’s never for very long given I return at about 09:30. Then when I do get home there are two excited little bundles of curls waiting for me at the foot of the stairs.

Today, however, I reached the front door to silence and an empty hall (or vestibule – for Dawn). At first I thought that, perhaps, Mirinda was still at home and doing green things in her greenhouse – the dogs would be with her if this was the case. She was not home.

As I entered the house and shut the door, there was a sudden clunk and pitter patter of tiny paws as Emma came flying down the stairs to jump all over me. She was extremely apologetic at having missed me at the door. She explained that she had been fast asleep on the bed because it was so warm and comfy.

About an hour later we were joined by Freya who took a look at me, wagged her tail languidly then went into the garden to go to the toilet. Had she not needed to go I can only assume she’d still be curled up on the bed.

The day was quite mild so walking in the park was very pleasant. Emma chased the ball and Freya went investigating as usual and we said hi to many, many dogs. It was an ideal kind of day with many people taking a walk in the leaves.

Back at the house there was quite a lot of cobweb eradication to be enacted as well as general housework. While quite mundane, it feels like the first ‘normal’ day I’ve had in an age. I’m now really looking forward to a month off travel duty.

In Political News…we will not be leaving Europe on Thursday as announced quite strongly by Boris Johnson (“I’d rather be dead in a ditch than not leave the EU on August 31st!“) a while ago. The EU has, quite generously, given the country a stay of execution by extending our leave date to January 31, 2020 or sooner if a deal is struck that everyone likes. Then it was debated and announced that there will be a general election on December 12 (after ratification in the House of Lords).

How odd that the government can call so many elections since 2016 but the Will of the People (tired old phrase) cannot change when it comes to Leave or Remain. The Tories currently do not have a majority in the Commons and this is their way of getting one. Because THAT went really well last time. NOT.

Obviously the Conservatives have a lot to lose when the new EU fair tax rules come in and I really hope their arseholery is reflected in the election.

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