Swapping a late summer for autumn

This morning, walking into Farnham to do some emergency shopping, was like stepping out into another world. I was even forced to wear jeans, packing my shorts away until late winter. Even so, it may have been chilly but it was still beautiful.

I had to be quick in town because the gardeners were due and Mirinda had her regular wrestle with the hairdresser at 10:30. As it turned out I was back in heaps of time and managed to have a good old chuckle with Gardener Dave upon my return.

Dave had Matt with him today. I tried to tease him about it being his first time but it fell a bit flat so we just glossed over my possibly embarrassing bad joke and went on to criticising the other guys who sometimes come to us.

While we talked, Dave kept sipping his coffee with a strange delight I’ve rarely seen given it was instant coffee. After a bit, when I was going inside, I asked him if he’d finished with the cup and he almost ripped my arm off retrieving the still not quite empty mug. I later discovered why he was so protective of his brew. I’m just going to say ‘Fettercairn’ and leave it there.

So, they worked away while Mirinda worked in her library and I started to destroy laundry mountain. Mirinda headed off at 10 and I kept loading, washing, unloading, drying and repeating. I always find that after a week’s holiday it’s best to tackle the washing ASAP otherwise the laundry basket doesn’t get any emptier.

By the end of the day I’d finished all the washing and was freed up to prepare a Chez Gaz regular menu item: Roast bass fillets on Mediterranean vegetables. And I feel I have to say it was just delicious. I’m not sure if it’s because there were very few carbs (which we subsisted on in Puglia) or just the fact that Chez Gaz food is fantastic but whatever, it was seriously yum.

It may also have been because we have now entered hygge. The table cloth is out and the candles have once again taken over the dining table. Given the sun went down at about 5pm today, this was a very welcome addition to the extension.

While I love it in mid summer when the big doors are wide open and we sit and eat outside at 9pm in glorious sunshine, hygge has it’s own special loveliness. When Mirinda thought we should spend the darker months in comfy coziness it was a great idea.

Another great idea that I meant to include yesterday is something available on British Airways now. I’ve never seen them before so thought it only right that I should try one. And, while it will never be as good as a freshly made one from Bel and the Dragon, it was still a pretty good slug of espresso and vodka.

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