Do fence me in

I had to build a fence to hold the lavatera out of the way.

Due to the weather and the fact that it’s growing like a thing possessed, egress to the back of the garden was seriously hampered. I had a good think about it and, eventually, decided to use a section of the old fence that the Crazies claimed delineated our land from the 2″ that belonged to them.

A fence to keep the lavatera out of harms way

They (the Crazies) have taken to sending their kids to sleep in the back garden on the weekend. They were there again last night – I heard them early this morning talking in their tent. The same as last week and the week before New York as well. I realise kids enjoy ‘camping out’ and all but this seems to be a now regular thing. I don’t really care but they do make me wonder sometimes.

The other thing is that Mr Crazy never says hello or indicates he knows anyone in the street (not just me). His wife is now fine. She says hello when we meet outside. She even gestures from the car if she drives by. But not the husband…or the kids. They really are slightly crazy, I think.

I’m hoping they don’t realise what I’ve done with the fence. I’m pretty sure they are of the opinion that we would one day put it back, 2″ from the big fence. Neighbours can be odd creatures.

I took a couple of shots in Farnham this morning for Mirinda. Firstly the lion and lamb statue.

Close up of the Lion & Lamb statue

I managed to get nice and close so you can see the malevolent look in the lion’s eye. Obviously it was carved mere moments before he swallowed the lamb whole.

The back of the almshouses on Castle Street always look lovely but especially so when the sun is actually out…like it was this morning. These were built in 1618 (or around this time) for poor and “…impotent people.”

Castle Street almshouses

And, finally, a look down Long Garden Walk. This is where I walk almost every day to Waitrose (except when I have to go via the French shop for almond croissants) and the Hop Blossom is the pub at the end.

View up Long Garden Walk

Hopefully, the sun will return tomorrow and I’ll take some shots of the front garden.

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2 Responses to Do fence me in

  1. Mirinda says:

    Well the crazies have applied unsuccessfully for planning permission to extend several times – maybe they’ve decided a tent is the only way to get more space.

  2. mum cook says:

    That bush is so lovely the colour is very pretty, I dont think I have heard of Lavatera before must only grow in the UK.
    Love mum

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