Shouldn’t have gone to Specsavers

Today I was on the terrace, planting a couple of trays of sad looking violets. I’d finished putting some in two of the raised beds then under the water feature. I started to move a couple of pots at the side of my office in preparation for planting the remainders when I felt a spot of rain.

The morning had been bright and sunny with no hint of wet – unusual given the recent deluges we’ve been subjected to. I remarked to mum as I sat in the office looking out at the blue, that the rain appeared to have gone somewhere else.

After an hour chatting and having heard about the new centre bus three times and being told to give Nicktor her love a further four, I went inside to put some washing on. Mirinda was at the optician picking up her new glasses…or not picking up her new glasses because, apart from the sunglasses, she had nothing to pick up. This was annoying. She’ll have to wait till we return from Italy now.

Anyway, she was back for lunch and we had the always variable Chez Gaz Salad before she told me about the violets.

As I said above, I felt a few drops and decided to go inside and put a load of washing on and give the clouds a chance to roll away. I opened the sliding door and stepped inside. As my back foot gained the shelter of the extension the rain suddenly exploded out of the sky and the garden was deluged. It was a perfect bit of timing.

The rain remained for the rest of the afternoon and well into the night. I spent the rest of the day working on the war dead.

The morning was gorgeous
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