Talking mayhem

I had a letter published in the Herald today.

Coincidentally I was presenting the Farnham edition of the Talking Newspaper. I chose not to read my own letter as I thought that would be a bit much. Instead I read a rather annoying letter from a climate change denying civil engineer.

In the letter the chap misquoted the expression ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. At the end of the his letter I informed the listeners that this was in fact incorrect and that the actual expression was always ‘garbage in, garbage out’ and having been in IT for many years I would receive countless reports with GIGO scrawled across the bottom. The irony was, I said, that this letter seemed to have GIGO written beneath it.

I had a very mad team this morning which only magnified the insanity in the studio. Penny, Peter, Rosemary and Roy all contributed to the madness which, of course, just made me worse. I think today’s session was easily one of the maddest.

While it was a lot of fun, I did make quite a few mistakes – reading words wrong kind of mistakes – which is very unusual. When I told Mirinda she reckoned it was probably because I am tired. Which led to me saying that she’s more tired and there’s no real reason for me to be tired except for the night we spent with the window open in Edinburgh.

In Mirinda news this afternoon, I received an email saying the hard bound copy of her thesis was ready for collection at the university print unit. Hopefully this is good news and my work is done as far as her doctoral degree is concerned.

And, in comparative news, Dawn actually graduated today. She shook the hand of Alan Titchmarsh and walked away a doctor. Mirinda has a couple of months to go and she won’t get to shake Alan’s hand but at least it is back on track to happen.

Something else that was put on track was this year’s Christmas cake.

While we were in Edinburgh, it suddenly occurred to me that I was a month late in making the actual cake – September is the usual start month – and realised that I only had this week to get it done given we’re going away again. So, last night I put my fruit on to soak and this afternoon I filled the house with the most delicious smell of Christmas.

For four hours the house was made fragrantly delectable and Mirinda couldn’t wait for me to finish so the temptation would go away.

And, finally, Neighbour Dave told me this morning that poor Gail has broken her wrist in two places. I immediately asked if it was a colles’ fracture. Surprised he said yes. Poor Gail, I know your pain! I told him to tell her to tell everyone she did it snowboarding rather than as a result of her bad knee causing her to reach out and save herself.

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