Maximum inconvenience

I know I go on about how inconsiderate a lot of drivers are when it comes to pedestrians and I don’t think I’m about to stop going on about them however, today really took the biscuit. It’s not often you come across someone who is so important that everyone else in thew world has to risk life and limb for them.

It was while I was walking home along the very narrow footpath that lines one side of the stupidly busy Park Lane. I was not best pleased with the traffic as it was but, up ahead, I noticed the postman having to struggle with his postal carrier out onto the road for the length of a truck then struggle it back up onto the footpath beyond the truck.

Then, from out of the park, came a woman with a stroller. She started heading up the road when she was suddenly pulled up short and had to back track a bit and, like the postie before her, she had to divert out onto the street before eventually returning to the safety of the footpath.

The problem was this removals truck.

You can see the postman’s carrier just beyond the truck and, crossing the path at an impossible height to step over, is a metal ramp. The truck has side doors for making egress simple and provides a ramp to aid the poor delivery guys.

I can see where such a thing would be handy if you had all the room in the world and there wasn’t a blind bend and a narrow footpath for normal folk to contend with. I understand the need for deliveries but why on earth should everyone else be put out because White & Company decide their client trumps everyone else? The truck HAS back doors!

Actually, while I found this really annoying and inconsiderate, I was surprised that they hadn’t bothered to park on the footpath itself like most truck drivers. Perhaps that would have made the ramp too difficult to put in place. I’m sure it wasn’t because the driver was thinking of anyone else in the world.

Away from my hobby of Arsehole Spotting, the day was pretty good after a bit of light rain to begin with. We went up to the park and the girls had a jolly good run around. Obviously, I’d been to the gym and was more than sufficiently exercised out.

Turning a bit Autumnal
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