It all started a bit grime

Last night, as I lay on our lounge, watching a bit of foreign TV, I was rather glad. My German isn’t good enough to manage Dark without subtitles so I was reading the screen, as usual, which proved to be the only way I could actually follow the story.

It wasn’t the usual lack of understanding springing from a seriously convoluted story line and multiple people across multiple time lines that had me confused. No, the rain was torrential and very, very noisy on the roof lantern.

By the time I went to bed, the rain had not eased and I was beginning to wonder whether I’d be swimming to the gym in the morning. But, when I woke, the rain had stopped though the day was still looking a bit grime (thank you, Jollie) and dismal.

On the way to the gym

But that was it for today as far as precipitation was concerned. The day was full of improvements until, just after lunch, the sky was completely blue and the sun was beating down with the same intensity as last night’s rain. Clearly this was very welcome for the girls. And the old woman I met outside our house as I returned from the shops.

That sounds like I’ve never met her before but I have. She and her daughter have two small dogs that they walk regularly in the park. One of them I’m sure I’ve written about before. It is a Dachshund that has to be carried to the grass because it can’t walk on hard surfaces. It sits back on a proffered arm like the King of Everything.

Anyway, this old lady stopped me to chat about the state of parking in our street. She pointed out the workmen parked in front of various houses where they were doing work. This, she felt, was a bit rude. They (she meant her daughter who was carrying the King) had to park right down at the beginning of the street.

I wanted to point out that she was hardly in a position to complain when she was taking up a parking spot herself but she’s not one of those people you can actually have a conversation with unless it’s just her talking.

She went on to suggest that the main car park near the Castle should be restricted to dog walkers and other’s enjoying the park facilities instead of always being full of golfers (it is the car park for the golf club, I wanted to tell her).

The Ranger should issue permits for parking!” She declared.

She then, as her daughter caught up to us, asked if I lived in the street. I was standing in our driveway, leaning up against our wall at the time and Emma was carrying on behind the front door. I indicated the house and said I lived there. Her daughter then asked where the little brown dog was that always said hello to everyone from the front bay window. I pointed at the door and said that was her waiting for me.

An odd conversation, I thought. I really want to know why she feels that her parking need is greater than anyone else in the world. I’ll never know because the next time I run into her, she’ll just tell me the same thing all over again.

But enough about her…obviously with the day having improved out of sight, we went to the park in order to chase a ball. Even Freya joined in a few times.

Resting between runs

There were a lot of dogs in the park with us. I think this might be because the weather has been truly awful here while we’ve been away and today was, perhaps, the first one nice enough to have an enjoyable walk.

And the rain managed to stay away for the whole day. I was expecting it to start at 4pm but then realised I wasn’t in Edinburgh any more.

Avenue of Trees
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