Travelling first class to Edinburgh aboard the LNER service to Stirling is pretty good. Mind you the wifi is pretty crap. You’d think this country was in the grip of an illusion the way it thinks its technology is so good. The Empire is no more and with it, technological skill sets.

Still, the seats were comfortable.

I was quite impressed with King’s Cross Station. I’ve never caught a train there before today. I usually just slip by on my way to St Pancras. I thought it was quite modern and airy.

Kings Cross

We have two wheelie bags purposely bought for their bright colours. One is bright apple green, the other a sort of Smurf ice cream blue. Imagine my surprise when we spotted a couple of women getting into the carriage before ours with wheelie bags the same colours. An amazing coincidence and just a touch annoying.

Of course the train was delayed. Again, this is expected so not a surprise. What was a surprise was the number of reasons for the delay and the solution.

The delay was caused by, in no particular order, a fire on a train, a person being hit by a train and, my personal favourite, a trespasser on the track who was a criminal escaping from his police pursuers.

The solution for us and a number of other trains in front of us, was to take an alternative route. I get you’d do this on the road but find it amazing that the network is such that trains can just go another way.

Anyway, we were kept informed (in first class they come and tell you personally) and the times of arrival relayed to us as they became available. It was all a bit of an adventure. Well, for me. Mirinda was mired in documents for work.

We were travelling first class so the refreshments kept coming thick and fast. I especially liked the treacle muffins. I’m assured they have absolutely no carbs in them.

The drink looks like chocolate but is actually coffee

Given all the problems with the train, distraction was very important for Mirinda. Mind you, it wasn’t quite as good as the self distractions performed by a woman I saw driving passed the bus stop at lunch time. She was driving with one hand and, with the other, rocking a baby on the back seat. Her face was turned side on to both baby and road.

Meanwhile back on the train, and over four hours later, we reached Edinburgh only an hour later than expected. Fortunately, the train crew keeps the first class passengers well lubricated so the time slips as quickly by as the scenery.

The walk along Princes Street was a bit breezy, to say the least. Actually, we were walking into a gale. Still, the walk was a major treat after having been sat in our comfortable chairs for so long with trips only to the loo and back.

I’d booked a studio apartment because Miirnda is going to have to work and I figured it would give her a little more freedom than a hotel room. She could also have whatever food she wants in the fridge. Obviously I was very worried about it because she hadn’t okayed it.

When we walked in, I knew I was going to be fine. The flat is compact but very modern and airy with a great view of the castle and the trams going up and down Princes Street. The Waldorf Astoria is just across the road which is a bonus because that’s where Mirinda has a work dinner tomorrow night.

And, the flat is very close to the pedestrianised Rose Street where hordes of pubs and restaurants crowd both sides of the street, vying for everyone’s tastebuds.

Rose Street by night

We wound up in an Indian place because Mirinda had her heart set on a mild korma. And they certainly delivered everything one expects from an Indian restaurant.

The Indian Lounge: A family run Punjabi place with lovely, if plentiful, food

Having eaten far more than we really required, we wander back to the apartment for some much needed snooze time. The bed was very welcome.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    I hate the way they keep repeating the reasons for the delay over and over. Thrusting into the mind’s eye visions of burning train, people being hit by trains, and escaped criminals.But flat and korma grand

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