The week before I went to Naples, I had a quote from a couple of electricians to supply power to the greenhouse. Then, on Friday the boss electrician knocked at the door to say he was running a bit late and wouldn’t be able to start work till Monday. I looked somewhat confused because we’d not set a date at all. Anyway, it was all fine and we arranged (or re-arranged as far as he was concerned) for this morning.

While he promised ‘bright and early’ they turned up at a far more reasonable 09:45 and set to work. They were finished by lunchtime.

First thing I was worried because it was raining but the wet blew away and the sun actually made an appearance. The electricians agreed that this made things somewhat more pleasant than anticipated. They said they’d have done the job regardless but were happier with the dry.

Come the afternoon and the heavens once more opened up and drenched everything. As they were leaving the electricians told me their next job was in an attic. I reckon, given the rain, they’d be quite happy about that. Though it does rather depend on what’s in the attic I suppose.

So, we now have power in the greenhouse so Mirinda can order a heater and a propagator, two things that are essential when one has a greenhouse. Apparently.

Can you spot the power point?

Something quite odd is how they didn’t get rid of the bit of rope in the conduit which the slab guy left for the purpose of pulling the electric cable through. I guess they didn’t need to use it as the cable is quite stiff but, even so, you’d think they’d have removed it. Not that it’s any real difficulty for me to do, I just think it’s odd. I mean, did they think I’d want to use it for something else?

The cable runs along the fence and patches into the electricity board in my office – the electrician that did that years ago left me a couple of empty spots for just such an eventuality – an excellent bit of forward planning. Apart from a moment at the end of their visit, the main electricity remained on. It was all very painless.

There it is!

Emma was somewhat annoyed with the weather today. Freya merely slept through all the downpours dreaming of catching rats. I hope.

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