Wet food

I had forgotten, what with all the stuff I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks, but today was the Farnham Food Festival. A glorious day of closed off streets – Castle from the almshouses and the Borough from Downing to South Streets. The stalls were all great but it’s the road closures I like best.

(It occurs to me, whenever they close the roads to cars, that one way of solving the traffic problems in Farnham would be to make the footpaths a lot wider and the roads a lot narrower. The problem is that the roads are all nice and comfy and easy for vehicles while the paths are generally narrow and pockmarked with all manner of dangers. Not that anyone is likely to listen to me because, at heart, everyone only cares about themselves.)

Moving right along…

I went to Starbucks for the first time in about three weeks and it was invaded by two family groups with a combined child total of seven – all different ages, all louder than completely necessary, all thumping their feet against the wood under the benches. It was decidedly unpleasant and quite difficult to concentrate on my blog. I packed up earlier than I normally would and went to Waitrose.

It was then a trip through the food stalls.

The Borough

The weather was a bit misty damp but it hadn’t seemed to put off the punters as the crowds started growing. The weather has been shit for the last week. I think it’s because the first three weeks of September saw the driest on record. This is nature’s revenge.

I was tempted to buy lots of things (apart from some German sausages, there were at least four gin stalls) but just stopped off at the pork scratchings stall and bought Mirinda nine of her favourite flavours as a surprise. She was very pleased.

Then, as I sat in the extension with a coffee, finishing my blog post, and Mirinda started Skyping with Fi, the heavens opened and everything in the world turned to water. I was sitting at the dining table but my mind was with the stalls in Castle Street and the poor crowds. Then, suddenly, as if some invisible power had felt my anguish, the rain stopped and the sun came out, blinding me. (I was forced to put on Mirinda’s blue hat!)

And that was pretty much the day – on off rain and sun and windy interludes. According to the weather people it’s either the beginning, the end or the middle of Hurricane Lorenzo which is currently somewhere in the Atlantic making the water swirly.

Castle Street

To celebrate my return I made roast lamb. It was seriously yum.

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