Today saw over 5 million school students and their supporters going on the Strike for Climate Change. Globally. It was incredible. The photos from around the world, distributed on Twitter were extraordinarily inspiring though the one I found most incredible was the one of Greta Thunberg sitting outside the Swedish parliament, alone with just a sign for company a little over a year ago.

I read one tweet which claimed that the gathering in Sydney was the biggest single demonstration in Australian history. It certainly was a sight to see.

While the kids were looking towards improving their future lives, the rest of the world was continuing to ignore them. Twitter was full of the usual Brexit, Trump, populism, guns and Saudi Arabia while I heard nothing about the School Strike on BBC4. This was despite the fact that thousands marched here in the UK. That’s school kids.

That’s not say that Twitter wasn’t reporting it but it seemed like it was business as usual with plenty of criticism from wankers who claimed the kids should be in school and the really stupid who claimed that their taxes were being wasted by kids not being in class.

One thing I found ironic was another huge story doing the rounds. A Saudi oil field was targeted by a bunch of drones and lots of people are blaming Iran. The Saudi monarchy were very quick to get western reporters on-site to show them the damage and the repairs that were going on. This, presumably, was to protect the oil industry which, after sand, is the only other thing they have to sell.

In order to transport the media to the oil field which is something like a billion miles from any civilised centre, the Saudi’s got them a plane to fly in. A whole plane for 20 people. This is clearly because Saudi Arabia doesn’t give a fuck about the climate, at least not while there’s no money in it.

Mind you, I’m not sure why they’re so concerned. Shortly after the news of the drone strike hit the world’s headlines (much more coverage than the school strike) the price of oil shot up making the Saudi’s even more money. It makes you wonder how much better the world could be if the Saudi’s poured their wealth into preserving the planet rather than deep frying it.

Who am I kidding? Things won’t change. Billionaires think that money makes them better than anyone else; political power makes people think they are smarter than the people they represent; normal people would rather read about celebrities getting caught out rather than the fact that the world is becoming hostile for humans.

I’m currently reading a book about climate change where it states that because of global warming the tropics have increased, north and south, meaning that rainfall is not falling where it used to, leaving great swathes of the world in drought conditions which didn’t exist 20 years ago. Which probably explains why mum said they’d not had as much rain in Queensland as they used to.

In other, disturbing, news this week, easyJet announced that they were going to introduce a new route – Birmingham to Edinburgh. This is the shortest route in the UK and will ensure our planet’s destruction with a greater rapidity.

Climate scientists and environmentalists have slammed easyJet for creating the shortest mainland UK link, describing it as a “pointless waste of carbon”. 

Britain’s biggest budget airline has announced a new 250 mile flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh which will take around 70 minutes from gate to gate.

The domestic connection will operate 13 times a week with flights launching on 29 March 2020. It aims to fly 500 passengers a day.

Phoebe Weston, Independent, Thursday 19 September, 2019 ( )

I am thankful I don’t have any kids to leave this shit to.

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