The fight for the red chair

This morning, at Starbucks, I told Chantelle that her new hair reminded me of Daenerys Targaryen. She looked at me like I’d said “grhmugoth hgnfgubt“. I turned to Clara and said that she must know who Daenerys Targaryen is (or was) but she was equally dumbstruck. Next I asked Sam, who had just started his shift. Again, he had no idea.

When I said she was from Game of Thrones, all three said they’d never watched it. Mind you, when I said it was Emilia Clarke, Clara had at least heard of her.

I showed Chantelle a photo of Daenerys Targaryen and she realised what I meant about her hair but it was all too late by then.

And this was not my only Game of Thrones encounter today.

As I trundled home with my basket on wheels behind me, a little black blur of fur raced up to me, launching itself at my legs. It was little Luna, who I haven’t seen for ages. She was followed in a more sedate manner by Vivienne and her daughter.

We talked about summer and how it had been. I asked her about her data analysis re her Masters and, when prompted, I told her my Sunday was going to be heavily dominated with a spreadsheet. We then discussed, it being England, the weather.

I suggested it was a lovely start to autumn and Vivienne agreed. Her daughter, however, mouth down-turned and clearly unimpressed said she hated autumn because of the ‘mooshy’ leaves. I said that was fair enough only without ‘mooshy’ leaves we’d soon run out of dirt or perhaps she didn’t like dirt either. She grunted.

When pressed for which season she did like she said, with chillful delight, “Winter!

It was then that I realised who she reminded me of: Arya Stark. I suggested this and Vivienne suddenly said I was right and she’d never noticed. Her daughter asked who this person was. Her mum said she was in Game of Thrones which I suggested she didn’t really need to know too much about (she seemed to be around 12) except that Arya Stark was an amazing character who wouldn’t like ‘mooshy’ leaves either.

I was very grateful that Vivienne knew who Arya Stark was and I said farewell with a happier spring to my step…well, maybe not exactly a spring.

And, as I said, the rest of my day was spent working on a spreadsheet for Mirinda except for a short break to go to the garden centre to buy a load of hose fittings in order to supply the greenhouse with a water supply, which the gardeners will fit tomorrow.

The view from my office laptop

Working in my office meant I was able to listen to the fourth and, as it turned out, final day of the fifth and final Ashes test. It was very exciting and almost looked, for a moment, that we would win but then, finally and decisively, Joe Root took an amazing catch to seal the win for England. So a draw and we retained the Ashes. Given the amazing summer of cricket I reckon this is a fair result. It also marks possibly the most exciting Ashes test series I’ve ever lived through.

Then, at the end of the day, I had my own fight for the Iron Throne as the puppies vied for favoured position on the Red Chair.

Not sure which one is now the ruler of Westeros
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  1. Mirinda I can’t post a comment! says:

    Aah at last. Maybe game of thrones is no longer for the younguns!

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