Not at work today

I saved a frog this morning. It wasn’t a big thing but it did start the day off rather nicely. And I didn’t go to work because of a possibly fatal shelving movement procedure taking place. It also rained a bit over night, which was nice and refreshing. But, back to the frog.

I was lying on the lounge, as usual, listening to the radio, drinking my coffee, covered in dogs when suddenly Freya looked up. This is not unusual. She sees invisible things outside most days and, if she thinks it worth further investigation, will go careening out the door and onto the terrace.

This time, however, rather than run outside in a streak of dirty white hair, she took off sideways, heading for the corner where the guitar hangs. Both Emma and I looked across but didn’t see anything there. Knowing how Freya often sees things, Emma put her head back down and returned to snoozing. I watched for a little bit longer.

My watching was rewarded with the sight of something small and dark (I didn’t have my glasses on) moving along the skirting board then stopping when it reached the telephone box. Freya was behind it, sniffing, tail wagging feverishly.

My first thought was that it was a mouse until it stopped at the telephone box and started jumping. I should stress here that Freya did not do anything untoward towards it. She was merely trying to work out what it was and whether it would play with her.

I went over, annoying Emma who was very comfortable on my arm, and told Freya it was a little frog. The poor thing had given up jumping and was just sitting like a rock in that disconcerting way frogs have. The kind of way that used to make Carmen prod them with her paw, trying to make them jump. Freya just watched and tried to sniff it.

I reached down and picked it up. It was perfectly happy to be handled and nestled comfortably in my hand. I took it outside, placed it on the wet terrace and shut the door, dragging Freya back to the lounge. And, having jostled Emma back into position, we watched the frog not move.

A few minutes later, obviously content that it was safe, the frog hopped away towards the Garden of One Thousand Yaps and, relative, safety. It was an exciting start to the day.

Meanwhile, in the park, the loppers were loose, trimming foliage.

The day turned out beautifully with the temperature at a manageable level and we had a lovely sit in the park while Emma chased her ball and Freya made friends with every dog that walked by. It was a lovely day not to go to work.

(I should explain the video. Normally at this point, Emma will take the ball home, waiting for me at the far trees, in the shade. Today I think she was a bit put off because I was standing still rather than walking towards her so she just kept coming towards me.)

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