Forlorn Friday

Following on from yesterday’s batting collapse from Australia, the English cricket team proved that anything we could do, they could do better. They started batting from the off then, after 27.5 overs, they stopped batting having scored a not so test winning 67 runs. In fact, the highest English score (12 by Joe Denly) was the lowest highest English batting performance in any test against anyone. It was glorious.

Of course I was then concerned that Australia would collapse just as badly but that never happened and we eventually started scoring confidently, ending the day on 171/6 with more to come tomorrow. So far, it’s a glorious end to a great summer of sport. Well, for an Australian anyway.

Speaking of Australia, Sharon sent me a couple of photos of Jud watching the test (and reading a book) while she was busy with her knitting. Of course it was the other side of the clock in Oz but it wouldn’t have taken long for the English innings, so it would have been an early night for them.

At home, I was busy researching War Heroes while Mirinda spent an awful lot of time on the phone. Yesterday she was feeling much improved but then, today, she took a few steps backwards. She took the girls for a walk though and reported that the heather is out in full flush and looking lovely, apart from the bit with Emma’s poo on it.

The weather, by the way, continues beautiful if somewhat warm in the afternoon.

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