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Earlier this week, Anne, the FATN Chair, asked if I’d swap an Alton for a Farnham session. I much prefer Farnham so, given I was free, I agreed wholeheartedly. And today was the Farnham edition. So, bright and early (well, 8am) I was off to the studio.

Again, the day was beautiful though the same can’t be said for Headingley where it was raining at the start of the third Ashes test. The start was delayed by over an hour then was disrupted a few times through the day.

It always seems a bit odd to me that the weather in Leeds can be different to the weather in Farnham when this country is so small. Mind you, Haslemere is always different so it shouldn’t be THAT surprising.

Actually, the cricket had some great moments as well as wet ones. There were also some dire batting by the Australians which kept English hearts hoping. We shall see.

By the end of the day, the Australians were all out for just 179. While the batting of Labushagne and Warner kept Australian hopes high, the six wicket haul by Jofra Archer was sublime. He has set this series alight with his bowling.

Cricket aside (and there was plenty of local stuff in the paper to report on) the session went very well apart from a couple of moments of great hilarity. The ‘worst’ one was when Paul couldn’t get beyond reading a piece about police suspecting a sharp object as the tyre slashing implement in a series of flats in Church Crookham.

After a few tries, he gave up and handed the piece to me to read. I gave him something decidedly dull and laugh free. After I read the slasher piece (without a giggle) I left off by saying that the police had assumed a banana had been tried first. John, the next reader, suddenly erupted into huge, belly shaking laughter. Sue and Paul joined in and the studio took a few minutes to calm back down. Even Charles, the engineer, joined in. It was all most joyous and made for a brilliant session.

Other Talking News news is that Janice has ‘quit’ being a Presenter. Today was her last edition. She reckons 14 years is enough and she’s now dropping back down to being just a Reader. At the same time, Sue (one of my readers) is going to become a Presenter from next month. So, one out, one in. It did make me wonder who would take my place.

Following another successful and highly amusing session, I decided I deserved a sneaky pint at the Nelson Arm(s). Given Mirinda was at home with the girls meant I didn’t feel the least bit guilty. In fact, it was very, very enjoyable.

My favourite pub

This makes the pub look empty. It wasn’t. There was a small group to the left, out of shot, and a couple outside having a smoke who were sitting on the stools. There’s also a guy leaning against the bar to the left, behind the column. And they say that photos don’t lie.

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