Back to reality

Another lovely day with sun and a slight breeze. The perfect day with it not too hot! As far from New York as I like it!

And yet another trip to Heathrow. All was well and Mirinda boarded the plane to Hong Kong. I was quite lucky with my connections getting home and her flight left as my train was pulling out of Woking station.

After a quick trip for supplies, it was back home to the frantic dogs and the garden. The grass was seriously in need of a trim today so I dragged out the mower and, under the afternoon sun, made it presentable. Very good timing, as it happens, because it started to rain at about 8pm.

As well as the snapdragon from yesterday, the Californian poppies were all out. Here’s some of them looking very bright in the sun.

Bright yellow Californian poppies in the hot border

They are quite amazing because once the sun goes in, they all shut up again!

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  1. Mirinda says:

    And they are gradually self seeding their way across the border – a bit slow for my liking as I love Californian poppies.


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