Weather warning

I have to say that the National Grid could have picked a better day to have problems. Not that we had any problems in Farnham but around a million people were affected elsewhere around the country. Very high and strong winds, torrential rain, clouds then blue, it was all happening, all day.

I went into town first thing managing to get slightly wet but, basically drying off in the sun which appeared not long after the rain.

Back at home I put washing out on the line given there wasn’t a cloud to be seen. About five hours later I was in the park with the girls when the rain pelted down, giving the washing a second rinse. Back at home, the sun once came out (and it was hot) so I decided to leave the load on the line thinking it might just dry again. And it did.

I’ve written before how much Freya hates the rain and today, in park, she excelled herself.

We were sitting on a bench, throwing the ball for Emma. I was sitting at one end and Freya was lying at the other, on the lookout for squirrels. The sun was beaming out and Emma was having a fine old time.

Suddenly the wind whipped up, rattling the leaves above us and stirring Freya into mild action: she went from lying down to sitting, her little face looking around at me a bit concerned about what the wind was about. Then the rain came.

The drops were big and powerful, blown as they were by the gale force winds. Freya instantly moved onto my lap insisting that I turn around, my back to the rain, protecting her from the torrent.

Don’t get me wrong. She wasn’t scared at all. She just doesn’t like the rain hitting her. It was all over in a matter of minutes and she returned to her end of the bench waiting for other dogs to join us for a bit of socialising.

Back at home I was happily cleaning the big glass doors when I suddenly realised I’d bought toilet paper rather than paper towels. That put paid to any more window cleaning. I considered bringing the washing in. Then it started raining again.

The washing ended up going into the dryer. By the time I brought it in it was wetter than it had been when it originally went out. And I’m not going to mention the sunbed cushion.

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