Saying “statistics” sucks

I had a Talking Newspaper (Haslemere) today which meant I didn’t have to leave the house till 10am. This meant, among other things, that I could bid Dr Wife farewell as she left for the station at 8am. I then left the girls to their own devices and set off.

For this session I had a new reader (for me), Rod. If you were to look up the phrase ‘laconic Scotsman’ in a common man dictionary, Rod would be the description. A lovely, deeply mellow voice with an unmistakable twinkle and delight for the absurd. He was armed with humour and was not afraid to use it. I thoroughly enjoyed his contribution.

The session was almost derailed because Rosemary has problems with statistics. By that I mean she has a problem saying statistics rather than a problem with the inherent value of them as mathematical tools. Then, by some strange quirk of reading, Margaret had to use the word three or four times in a piece and had major problems saying it.

Margaret is a bit hard of hearing (as was our sound engineer today) and hadn’t heard the previous conversation regarding Rosemary’s linguistic inability so the laughter went right over her head.

All in all, it was a most enjoyable session and, as usual, while I was a bit miserable at the thought of doing it at the start, by the end was a-buzz with delight. Life is always rosier after a performance.

Back at home the puppies insisted on a walk and, as usual, I was amazed at the number of dog walkers out and about in the park from 4pm. It’s always more crowded than our usual 2pm slot.

For dinner tonight I had a couple of pork medallions and decided to try something with them. Rather than just season and fry them, I spread some white miso paste on top of them then, with a bit of olive oil, roasted them for half an hour. I laid them on a bed of coconut oil fried kale.

Before serving, I placed the medallions in the still hot fry pan and let them sizzle on the bottom for a bit. They were delicious.

Nothing boring about my dinner

Worked very well with a glass of white wine.

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