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Mirinda aced her viva. Clearly the smartest in the room, her knowledge and expertise was no match for the examiners. They went away to deliberate and, ten seconds later, shook her hand and told her she’d passed. There’s a few minor changes to the thesis but, basically, she just has to wait for the next graduation ceremony for it to be official.

That’s two, what with Dawn becoming one as well a short while ago. It’s now my job to organise a celebratory Doctor’s Dinner, probably at the Chesil.

While very exciting for Mirinda (she visited Sophie afterwards, which was nice) my day was basically spent doing housework. I do, however, have to report that the showers on the ground floor at the gym are better than the one I used on the first floor yesterday. That is good.

Actually, my day didn’t start to really hot up until about 5pm when a horn tooting Nicktor turned up to drive us to Woking.

The Mighty Shots, having managed to dodge a bullet as far as relegation was concerned, were playing the old enemy tonight. The tickets were buy in advance because they were a bit worried about the fence being knocked down for a third time. They needn’t have worried because a few very conscientious and helpful Shots fans brought some Fragile tape to run along the top of the fence in order to make everyone aware of the danger.

Health & Safety is very important

Before the game, we met up with Steve from Number 11 and new chum James (who will possibly feature more often as the year progresses) at The Inn in Maybury. While Nicktor was a bit concerned with the ‘poncy’ food, the beer was good and we sat outside amid the traffic on the rather busy triangular bit of land.

We were also joined by Andy, who works with Steve from Number 11 and is a Woking fan. He was a nice jolly fellow and the five of us had a lovely time with beer and some ‘poncy’ food¹.

After a repast of salt and pepper squid (which is not calamari, as I explained to Steve from Number 11) which was okay but nowhere near as good as the Holly Bush, we headed for the ground and a rather large police presence which included dogs.

Nicktor told an interesting story about a police dog at a football game. Apparently, back in the day, the police would line their dogs up on the edge of the pitch in order to deter any pitch invasions. During one match in 1986, a rather over zealous attack dog called Bryn, took a bit of a liking to Torquay United player Jim McNichol. McNichol was running towards the corner flag, ready to whip a ball across the goal mouth when Bryn took a fancy to the player’s legs.

The game was held up while the teeth marks were treated. Poor McNichol has been known for this every since.

I’m happy to report that there was no attack dog action tonight. Well, none that we saw anyway. Mind you, I’m a bit surprised because there was a large Aldershot contingent and it was, to say the least, rather boisterous.

Neighbour Dave and Richard the Eggman are in the stand

The game started at a cracking pace and pretty much maintained the same throughout. It was very exciting and a joy to watch. After the lackadaisical display at most games last season, the new team (only two of last season’s players remain) played out of their skins. It was excellent and a bit of a feather in the cap for the new manager.

The Shots scored an early goal and the fans behind me went insane. Nicktor almost climbed on my shoulders urging me on to make a victory lap. Then, sadly, Woking scored not long afterwards and so the score remained at 1-1 throughout the rest of the game. Except it didn’t.

As the game started to wind down, Steve from Number 11 said something about us hanging on to such a narrow lead. I commented on this, suggesting that we’d only take a single point away from the draw and another goal would be preferable. He looked at me like I was a village idiot who had just overdosed on idiot pills.

Apparently the Woking goal had been disallowed because it was off side. He suggested the fact that there hadn’t been a kick off following the un-goal should have been a bit of a clue. I agreed. Everyone took great delight in pointing out my stupidity. And fair enough too.

And so we won. The second game of the new season proved to be our first win of the new season and the players were well pleased, growling around the ground on a victory lap after the final whistle. It also gave Nicktor a bit of fodder for his second book in which I think I just might be featuring.

¹ – When he says ‘poncy’ food, I think Nicktor means pub food that has been a bit trendified which, in turn, means it’s unreasonably expensive. For example, he feels it unnecessary to charge extra for fat chips when they are just chips that cost more because of an extra word. 

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