Getting over yesterday

It was felt that after yesterday we would take it easy and have a totally free day, spending it exclusively at the hotel, use the pool, read, and basically get over the holiday so far. Given that Mirinda has had a bit of a rough time at work recently, it was also felt that a day of nothing would help her relax. There was also the small matter of not being able to get anywhere, because of no car, to consider.

To begin with we didn’t intend to wake up so, in accordance with this plan, we slept until 9:30 then went for breakfast.

The food at this hotel is amazing. Dinner last night was the complete opposite of the food at the Premier Inn on Friday night. Given that fact and the fact that we weren’t going anywhere, we decided to have breakfast then dinner here today.

The rest of the day was spent doing very little.

My office for today

Mind you, it took about half the day to type up yesterday’s post. For some reason the wifi signal is stronger at the little table outside our room so that’s where I sat and typed.

We did go down to the hotel terrace for a drink once the clock had swung around to beer o’clock, sitting in the shade thrown by the biggest most climbable plane tree I’ve ever seen.

By the time dinner came around we changed and made our way back to the terrace for a pre-dinner drink then sat at our usual table for an exquisite meal.

I’d had the cold soup yesterday so today I went for the cold skate roulade thing. It was amazingly amazing. I followed it with the veal that Mirinda had last night and, again, it was excellent. However, the biggest, bestest thing was that the cheese trolley (which was a big plate) had Livarot. Oh what joy. Well, for me anyway, Mirinda was not so pleased.

Skate and rocket

We had ice cream for dessert before heading back to the room. We have a big day of taxi, train and walking to get through tomorrow so sleep was necessary.

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