I was still unwell today though I had a good sleep, not waking at 5am as usual. In fact my sleep was uninterrupted, something that rarely happens. Mind you, I was up early enough to make Mirinda a cup of tea to wake with.

Sleep aside, I didn’t feel that good. And, in fact, I was in bed by 8:30. That’s in the PM, not the AM.

The day involved very little. In fact, I’d probably have stayed in bed had I not had to take delivery of the greenhouse. As it was, I didn’t leave the house.

Mirinda, on the other hand, went to work for the first time in a fortnight. She’s still not 100% but was much better. When she rang me late in the day, she said her cough hadn’t managed to ruin the meeting she was holding.

This is good because had the cough appeared, the other people at the meeting would probably have called an ambulance. Then run away. It’s pretty dire.

No cough for me though as I reorganised the terrace for the receipt of the greenhouse. I also cleaned up the kitchen which I didn’t do before bed last night. Naughty, I know, but I was very unwell.

The greenhouse turned up at 10am. I thought it would be in panels. Silly me. Apart from the glass, it was all in boxes.

Lotsa boxes

Apart from taking the girls to the park, that was about it for my day.

In fact, I felt so awful, I didn’t bother with dinner. Sleep took me very quickly.

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