Where is the National Scarf Collection?

Mirinda is still very sick. She appears to have bronchitis to a major degree and it can take three weeks to dissipate. We need to be careful it doesn’t descend into pneumonia. Her coughing is terrible and most distressing. She cancelled her plans for tomorrow and Tuesday and wished for some improvement. It all makes for an utterly miserable Matey.

Of course, I’m fine and am constantly on call for the delivery of hot beverages as required.

Being Market Day, I headed off, basket trolley gripped behind me and wandered the stalls. I knew that the pickle people wouldn’t be there (they told me last month they’d not be around until August because they’ll be busy making more pickles) but this is the second month without the Charmer people (Mirinda’s favourite cheese) and the fish and meat smokers had no pork scratchings.

Still, there was still lots of lovely stuff, including the coffee roasters for a change, and I stocked up on goats cheese, smoked salmon and espresso ground coffee before heading up to Laura Ashley for some floral boxes.

She announced the other day that she feels the need to get more organised and, part of that desire involves sorting through the 25,458 photographs weighing down the already ridiculously heavy chest of drawer in the bedroom. She has decided that rather than the photographs she could fill the drawer with the National Scarf Collection which is currently in the Sliderobe in Clara’s Room and weighs considerably less.

Actually, she has spent quite a bit of her convalescence working through her 10,000 photos on her phone. There’s some mysterious duplicates which she’s trying to remove without losing everything. Fortunately there’s plenty of tutorial Youtube videos willing to help her get there.

Speaking of video…here’s one of Emma in the park.

Emma returning with her ball

That little placement at the end is her way of saying she’s ready for me to throw it again. If she doesn’t do that then she’s having a little rest between retrievals.

Naturally I took both of them to the park for a run around after lunch. It was particularly lovely sitting on the ground within the shade of a handy tree, throwing the ball and listening to the Cricket World Cup game which saw the end of the South African team in the competition. (They lost to Pakistan and are now unable to progress into the knock out rounds.)

View from the shade
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  1. Mirinda says:

    You shouldn’t make me laugh as it only makes me cough!

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