Biblical proportions

A portent from yesterday

Flood alerts are in place…after heavy rain lashed Surrey and Hampshire. The Environment Agency says it means flooding is possible after river levels rose, affecting low lying land, gardens and roads near rivers. The agency is advising people to avoid low lying footpaths near local watercourses, and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers.” Eagle Radio, Surrey

All a bit unseasonable for June but the result of a low pressure system over Northern France that decided to pay us a visit.

Fortunately it didn’t really start bucketing down until after Gardener Dave and Andy had finished in our garden and headed off for their next job. Of course they would have been drenched, cold and miserable at their next job but that’s out of my scope.

First thing, it was all a bit drizzly as I went to the gym then shopping. It was in the afternoon that the crazy, slashing rain turned up. It made hearing quite hard in the extension but gave that wonderful feeling of being in the garden while remaining warm and dry inside. Such a great design.

Of course the puppies weren’t that impressed because there was NO way we were going out in it, regardless of Freya’s Season State. In fact, it hadn’t stopped when I put the rubbish out at 11pm and I fell asleep to the sound of big, heavy raindrops falling on the bathroom skylight.

The wet, wet garden

Actually, with regards to Freya, we think she may have finished her latest Season. Which is very good. Now I just need to arrange for them to go to the vet.

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