Planting the seeds

Today was split between the garden and my office. In both cases I was planting seeds though only one set were actual seeds while the other was more metaphorical. Even so, I’m hoping both will grow into perfection.

The actual seeds were for the Wildflower Patch and are to enhance the highly successful plugs from last year and the ones that I planted the other day. The combination is to rid ourselves of the awful mistake that was the white mesh that Chris convinced us to have put down. Actually, putting it down in a veterinarian sense would have been a better option.

The finished seeds

Mirinda thought the use of the seed packets speared by bamboo stakes to indicate what was where was highly original. I thought it was an obvious solution to not knowing what was growing where when it comes time to thin out the seedlings. (There were another two lots but they are to the left of the photograph.)

The other, more complex seed planting was preparing Mirinda’s newest venture: She’s going to try blogging.

Her blogging, however, will not be like mine. Her intention is to create a space for education resources which would contain the works of various different ‘experts’ for the use of students, teachers or anyone who might be interested.

This is a big leap for Mirinda given she has not exactly embraced social media. And naturally, I had to set it all up.

The first thing I had to do was organise her domain name, which I did. Her name is quite unique so having it as her domain was very easy. (Actually, if you search for her on Google, she’s the only one that appears as opposed to me.)

Of course it’s been a while since I’ve had to organise a domain name and so there was a bit of relearning to do when it came to pointing it at our host. I also needed a bit of help from the always helpful staff at our host. It was all sorted a couple of days ago and I just had to wait the ‘up to 48 hours’ for the changes to take effect.

A random rose

Then, this afternoon, working around the seed planting, I downloaded WordPress and built her blog.

This was my third WordPress blog but that doesn’t make it any easier when I haven’t created one for ages. Fortunately, the lovely WordPress developers have a very simple to follow installation guide. Even so, it was still a bit fiddly having to create an SQL database complete with login and password. I also had to build a splash page without the benefit of Dreamweaver (because I couldn’t find the install disk), struggling with Notepad and referring to my HTML book.

Random wildflower

Eventually (after a few hours anyway) it was all finished and I wrote her a test blog post. I sent her the login details and leaned back in my office chair, happy my work was done.

It’s now just a question of waiting for her multitude of changes to come flying in.

Another random wildflower

By the way, all the flowers above are from our garden.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    The first wildflower is a wild carrot and the second a meadow buttercup.And I wrote a post and changed the picture myself! Though not very well.

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