I don’t want to be lynched when I go down for a sandwich

For anyone at the back who hasn’t been reading, Aldershot Town Football Club did not have a good 2018-19 season. In fact, things were so bad that they are destined for a drop into a lower league. Of course there’s the fate of Gateshead to be considered which might be a very thin and decidedly waterlogged life preserver of a hope but, basically, the Shots look like going down.

Because Aldershot Town Football Club is going down, we were in need of a new manager. Gary Waddock in his second, less than successful tour of duty at the club, has left for pastures new so the search went out. The man chosen was Danny Searle, latterly of Braintree Town where he took over after the manager left mid-season.

The reason I’m writing about Danny (I figure because I’m a Shots fan, we are automatically on a first names basis) is because tonight, Aldershot Town Football Club hosted a Meet and Greet for the fans to get to grill our new man at the top. As well as Danny, we also had the opportunity to meet Anwar Uddin (assistant manager) and David Blackmore (goal keeping coach).

Nicktor picked me up at 6:30, along with Adie, and we headed into the ground and up to the lounge, somewhere I’ve never been before. And it was packed. Nicktor estimated there were 150 people there and he’s generally pretty good at guessing numbers in this way. Fortunately we managed to get spots against the bar.

I feel I ought to mention the bar at this point because I was very, very disappointed. Firstly they don’t sell bitter on tap. Nothing. Nada. Worse than that though is what they do sell. Fosters, Carling, Bud Light…all tasteless abominations in a country that makes the most flavourful beer in the world. We were forced to drink out of bottles. Which, for reasons beyond me, we had to pour into glasses.

That is Nicktor’s pint on the bar…

Ignoring this ridiculous situation (though it will rankle for a while) the meeting with the new staff went very well. In fact, one chap had flown from San Diego to quiz them all. He was quite vocal when the chairman was talking about the Gateshead situation and he just wanted to hear from Danny. (Maybe he had a flight to catch home.)

Actually, for an odd kind of evening out, it was very entertaining. Danny, Anwar and David were all funny and serious in equal measure, assuring us that each one of them would do their best to get the best out of the team. Anwar also took great delight in pointing out how he’d scored an amazing goal against us at the Rec, when he was playing for Dagenham and Redbridge.

Half the lounge

Eventually the Q&A drew to a close and the three Backroom Boys invited people up the front to chat. Nicktor rushed up in order to give two of them copies of his book. I assume that David missed out but cannot be sure. We then headed back home.

To finish, here’s a bit of Danny talking about our fans and commitment:

When it came to questions, I didn’t have any for Danny. My question would be for the chairman: Why do you only sell rubbish beer on tap in the lounge?

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