Garden Centre Mania!

Mirinda had two trips to the garden centre today. And they were different garden centres as well; in opposite directions. Clearly a red letter day for my wife the gardener.

Her first visit was a Sneak Attack (as Mr Kim would say) because she went to Bagshot Lea while I was in Farnham shopping. It was market day so I was longer than normal but I don’t think that was an excuse for filling up the terrace with wildflower plugs.

Forest Lodge

Her second visit was because I, stupidly, suggested we go to the garden centre to get her another bottle of watermelon gin. I said we had to get it at Forest Lodge which was wrong. They actually sell the watermelon gin at Bagshot Lea.

Mind you, this error of mine allowed a Sneak Attack of my own.

I’ve been wanting to go to St Peter’s church at Wrecclesham for ages in order to take a photo of the memorial in the church as well as the gravestone of Captain Stuart Christian Tinne (who I wrote about a while ago) and, given going to Forest Lodge meant driving almost right by it, I asked if Mirinda minded stopping for the five minutes it would take. I had no idea the churchyard was divided in two and the gravestone was in the section over the road. As Mirinda said, it took a bit longer than five minutes.

Still, it’s a lovely, big, bright and airy church and the gravestone was eventually found.

St Peter’s, Wrecclesham

It was then on to the garden centre where we bought dirt and forgot to buy a small coffee table for the terrace. We also bought some plants (because I don’t have enough to plant) and beer (because I didn’t have enough to drink given that the Hogs Back Brewery didn’t have a stall at the market this month) before heading back home.

Then, while Mirinda took the girls for a walk, I planted the wildflower plugs she’d bought in the morning. Sadly there was no cricket but I listened to a couple of episodes of My Dad Wrote a Porno, which kept me entertained and made the planting that much easier.

Finally, Mirinda returned and settled down for a bit of guitar practice while I cooked dinner. Here’s a sneaky video. The crackling in the background is me cooking the mince layer of Joey Layer Cake.

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