Squirrel seeks pixie

This morning, on my way into town, I saw something decidedly odd. I was walking down Castle Street when this normal looking chap of about 35 appeared at the bonnet of his car which was reverse parked. He was carrying a paper bag which he put on the bonnet of the car. He then took a clear plastic glove out of his pocket and put it on his right hand. It looked like the kind of cheap, crinkly plastic glove you get when you buy hair dye.

He then proceeded to remove the contents from the paper bag using his gloved hand. It appeared to be a choc chip cookie which he placed in his mouth. He then took the paper bag and, very neatly and carefully folded it into a small square, putting it back down on the bonnet afterwards. He then proceeded to eat the cookie.

By this time I’d approached and passed him so can’t report on what happened next. I think that the carbs have gone to his head. Or he’s a living and breathing Adrian Monk.

Apart from the glove guy, the rest of the day was just a normal Friday researching at home kind of day. The weather was a delight…

Walking in

…in both directions with plenty of people to swap cheery greetings with, their dogs to pat. Even though the photo above seems to indicate there was not another person on the planet.

Coming back

The rest of the day was spent in my office, completing the Milford War Memorial and receiving my next assignments from Kirsty. She was remarkably quick with her response. Normally I wait for about a month to hear back but this afternoon, she replied almost before I wrote to her.

To be fair, she has been incredibly busy over the last year or two getting a book together and off to the publisher and back again. And I think I managed to catch her at the keyboard for a change.

Speaking of which, I was chained to mine for most of the day, looking out of the window every now and then to readjust my vision. At one point I spotted a squirrel sitting on one of Mirinda’s Pixie Gardens. I grabbed my phone and started filming through the window.

Cheeky sod.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Cheeky bugger! And completely out of scale with my pixie garden.

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