Too soon for Christmas

Today I had my second Farnham Talking News issue in a row as a result of a swap with Anne. I’m not sure if it had a bearing on the readers I had but there was only the one woman (Penny) and the rest of us were men. As a result, I had the pleasure of having Brian and Paul reading for me, something that happens rarely. For some reason.

But, before heading down West Street to the studio, I had to vote in the EU elections.

Democracy in action

A few people on Twitter have expressed their displeasure at our taking part in this election. They believe that we should have been out of the EU back in March and, therefore, should not be represented in the European Parliament. A few have loudly proclaimed that they would boycott the election.

While it’s a stupid kind of argument that shoots your own feet off, the people who want Brexit claimed that the EU wasn’t democratically elected. However, when they get a chance to democratically elect it they refuse. (Which, in and of itself, is also democratic, I guess.) I maintain that they can’t complain about any representation they’ve turned their collective backs on.

Enough! There’s too much Brexit shit as it is. I shall add no more.

In this post, anyway.

On the walk to the studio, I passed what once was the Marlborough Head in East Street. The roof tiles have been taken off and there’s extensive work going on. It is part of the East Street Development and will become retail premises while maintaining the ‘pubby’ look on the outside.

Bare headed

The road works are unrelated to the pub but all to do with the redevelopment.

Then, quite coincidentally, one of the main stories in the paper this week concerned the mistaken belief that this is wanton destruction. Certain people complained about the old tiles (clay, they said) were just thrown on the ground and smashed and the whole place was not being treated in the way it should be.

Then, Crest Nicholson, the contractors of the redevelopment pointed out that the tiles they had removed were old concrete ones which had replaced old broken clay tiles a long time ago. They (Crest) were going to replace them with the proper clay ones, returning the pub to how it looked when it was originally built.

I don’t agree with the East Street Development for various reasons but I do think people should find out some facts before they jump down throats. Sadly that happens a lot here.

In an attempt to turn this post away from political mess, I guess I should say what a lot of fun we had during the recording. Two things had us in stitches. The first was Brian saying ‘incest’ when he meant to say ‘incense’ and the second was Paul having a rather preemptive story about the Christmas Tree Festival and a call for artificial trees. In May. Poor Paul was in hysterics and just couldn’t go on. There was a bit of a break before he could manage to continue.

Still, all went well and we were soon on our respective ways home in the glorious sunshine.

West Street

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