Can’t ignore her! Chillin’ to Norah.

As I sat here wondering what to post for today, listening to Norah Jones lightly singing her own brand of smokey-voiced tunes, the following thought occurred to me. I wonder if Norah has to sing at Christmas while the Jones family are busy trimming the tree. Or do they give her a break? I could hear her singing Silent Night and Away In a Manger but that’s about it.

I told Mirinda, if I could be any famous singer, it would be Norah Jones. Her voice is amazing. That’s surprising because I do love so many raw, screechy voiced singers. And there’s always Frank (Zappa). But, no, Norah’s it! Of course, she has the advantage of being alive.

And the poodles seem to love her too. They are asleep down the back of the lounge, as usual. Day-z is all a-twitching while Carmen is making these strange exhaling noises. I guess they are just SO chilled by her singing. Which reminds me, for no reason at all, except that it popped into my head as I typed that last bit…

It was a red letter day for Dawn today. She graduated with her MA! She is now Dawn C BSc MA. I’ve told her I’ll not be able to associate with her in public until I get mine. Interestingly, the Chancellor at her university is Sanjeev Bhaskar, the actor/comic/writer guy from The Kumars at No 42 – he plays the son. He hands out the degrees so she shook his hand. She reports that his speech was very funny. He grew up around Southall and his dad worked at Nestles!

I’ve now moved upstairs and have changed from Norah to Florence from Florence and the Machine. Very different but still very enjoyable. And so, I read my weather station data and find that today we had 6.7mm of rain and the temperature tonight is down to -1.6 with little cloud and a promise of sun tomorrow (the last bit is from the BBC, the rest comes direct from the weather station).

Actually, we went out tonight and looked at Mars (and the grass was crunchy with frost). It’s the closest it will be for many years. It was sparkly and red and right next to the biggest, brightest moon I think I’ve ever seen! And for this reason, Mars just looked like any other star, even through the binoculars.

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    WOW I cant believe Sanjeev grew up in Southall and his dad worked at Nestles but ofcoures not when I was in either place as I am a lot older then him. Tell Dawn congrats from us, you wont be far behind her. love mum …

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