Neighbour Dave was telling me the other day that, when they had their mini-extension built (at the same time as we had our maxi-extension built) the builder removed a redundant pipe from their wall. This left a hole in their bricks about ten feet from the ground.

Dave wasn’t that bothered by it at the time (like the builder I guess) and chose to ignore it.

The hole has now become home to a colony of bees. As he was telling me this, we watched as the bees returned to the hole, left the hole and, basically, hung around the hole.

Like me, Dave doesn’t like killing things for the sake of killing things and doesn’t see how the bees could cause any harm to the fabric of the house but was a bit concerned that we might be concerned (he’s such a good neighbour). I assured him that we were not. In fact, if the bees fancied a holiday cottage, they could find a hole in our house and move in over the winter months.

And today was concerned with beehives as well, albeit somewhat bigger than the hole in Dave’s house.

We recently bought three beehive compost bins for the working area and today I painted them to match everything else I’ve built in the garden. That is I painted them grey after painting them primer white first.

The dogs were a bit mystified but soon realised that lying in the sun or the shade and just watching me apply various amounts of colour to the three strange structures in the middle of the path, was the best option. Well, between walks and food that is.

To help me with my task I had the cricket. At first it was the delightful commentary of the county game between Somerset and Surrey at Taunton but then, after lunch, it was the second ODI between England and Pakistan. I really wish they’d stayed with the county game.

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the ODI per se but I could have done without the constant loud music being played whenever someone scored a run or left the pitch because they were out. This is the first time I’ve been subjected to this awful noise and it might just limit my Five Live listening to ODIs in future. After all, if I wanted to listen to music, I would. I wanted to listen to cricket.

Ignoring the irritating noise, the cricket was exciting and it helped pass the painting time as I sat on a terrace chair and splashed it around. By the time I finished, the Pakistan batsmen had scored over 350 and their innings had finished. I heard a little bit of the English batting before having to stop for the night as the sun started to set. (England actually went on to win.)

Three beehive compost bins
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