On the way to Winchester, Mirinda remarked about how much she loved owning Max. As she put him into Sporty Mode, she reiterated about how much she enjoyed driving him. I made the off hand quip that it was certainly better than poor old Sydney. I didn’t mention Neville or the Car With No Name but agreed that Max was easily the best car we’ve ever had.

We were on our way to the Chesil for our 28th wedding anniversary, carbi unrestrained, celebration dinner and all was well with the world. While the day had been dotted with occasional rain and almost constantly freezing breezes, the sunset heading down to Winchester was glorious.

As was the meal. We had the taster menu (I had the many glasses of wine that go with each course) and gloried in the decadence of our favourite restaurant. Then, at the end of the meal, as if by magic, one of our waiters turned up with a plate, wishing us Happy Anniversary.

Mirinda smeared the chocolate before I could get to it

We have no idea how they knew because we certainly didn’t tell them when we booked. Maybe we mentioned it in casual conversation while sitting in the bar upstairs. Someone must have overheard us say something. However they knew, it was lovely.

As were all the courses. Mirinda asked me which one had been my favourite. I said the sea bass ceviche was superb. Mind you, the ham hock was pretty special as well.

Ham hock, granola and rhubarb puree

Mind you, the entire menu was delicious so choosing one course is particularly difficult. Though I wasn’t that keen on the dessert. I’m not overly mad about chocolate desserts and anything tart leaves me squidging my face up. So the dark chocolate torte, passionfruit sorbet and popping candy left me somewhat unimpressed. Though the espresso martini afterwards made up for any sourness on my palate.

It had been a lovely night and we slowly made our way back to the carpark and our waiting chariot. We got in and left the carpark when Mirinda realised the lights hadn’t come on. They do this automatically when it’s dark – I had no idea – but not tonight.

The only light we could activate was the high beam control but it had to be held on because it’s a dipping/rising mechanism rather than an on/off switch. Because Mirinda was steering, I had to hold the high beam on so we could see where we were going. Then, as cars appeared from the opposite direction, I’d have to release it until they were passed us.

It was an odd situation but we managed to get home. There is obviously a way to change the lights from auto to manual (and back again) and, probably, the guy who did the MOT switched it to some other setting, forgetting to turn it back to auto.

Whatever the cause, I have to say that BMW’s idea of putting the car manual into the computer is awful. It’s almost impossible to find anything you need where an actual, analog book with an index would be a lot more useful.

It’s my job to fix it…tomorrow.

28 years and I still love you
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