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The original plan was to go to the gym this morning. However, last night, as I slowly fell asleep over my laptop while trying to finish the formatting for Mirinda’s thesis, I decided to go to bed and finish it after a sleep. And so the gym was bumped in favour of being able to read the screen. I managed a few hours sleep then went back to it.

It’s amazing how much I now know about employment after education, signalling theory and whether one should place footnote numbers before or after punctuation (it’s after, by the way which Mirinda manages 50% of the time). It was a long and bumpy road but I managed to get my bit done for Mirinda to finalise by about 11.

I then went shopping at one of my least preferred times. But it had to be done otherwise I’d be fasting the next few days because of various commitments this week not allowing me to go shopping.

Of course, Starbucks was full of annoying uni students and Waitrose was a battle with lunchtime and those big wire cages the staff use to restock shelves with.

There was also an unexpected battle to be had with a bunch of visiting Chinese students. They were visiting the university and were generally milling around in areas that are usually reserved for movement. This was annoying quite a few lunchtime shoppers.

(In case any reader wonders how I knew they were Chinese and visiting the university, the answer is quite prosaic. They each had a very sizeable identification label on a lanyard around their necks. The label proclaimed they were visitors to the university and their names were Chinese.)

Still, eventually I’d shopped and was on my way home through our, frankly, beautiful park.

At home the gardeners had been doing a splendid job with an assassinating bit of ground out the front. Actually, as Mirinda commented to Paul as he stood in a hole, it looked like he was digging his own grave. She’d have been more accurate saying it was a Plant Grave.

You see, the problem with this area is that plants keep dying in it. Okay the fact that the fence fell on the jasmine a few months ago didn’t help but there’s been other, less inflicted deaths in the past. Mirinda decided a solution could be to completely change the ground in it. So Paul dug out a section and then refilled it with fresh dirt. It looks bare but rather nice now.

Good job we don’t live on Rillington Place.

The idea is to now leave it to settle before topping it up then planting something sweet smelling.

As for the Thesis, the final draft was sent off to Mirinda’s supervisor so she could inspect it over the next week, adding any last minute changes for the version that will be bound and used for minute examination. I can’t say I’ll miss it for a week…for both of us.

And as promised yesterday, here’s a photo of Freya’s haircut:

Little monkey!
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