The home stretch?

Mirinda’s DBA, that thing that has dominated our lives for so many years, is rapidly approaching it’s end. This week has been one of corrections, amendments and general messing about with final works on the Thesis. All 250 odd pages of it.

The document has been going to her supervisor and back then to her PA and back and then to me…and back. In the middle of this to-ing and fro-ing, Mirinda has been at maximum concentration, teasing little bits into written sense.

I did manage a bit of work today (I finished the Hindhead memorial and made a start on Shackleford and Peper Harow) but, basically, I was working with her on the Thesis.

Mostly, all my own work…

We also had to get Max MOT’ed. Try as I might, it has proven virtually impossible to get it done by Baron’s Mini, where we bought him. Even though they insisted that we always take the car to them, they don’t seem that bothered any more. This is fine because I found a lovely guy from Aldershot who comes over, picks the car up and takes it to his garage to do the MOT. Now that makes life a LOT easier, particularly with Mirinda glued to a chair.

And so, just after 2:30, he took Max away then, at around 4, he returned him happily ready for his car tax to be paid. It turned out to be very painless and is obviously the way to go from now on. Baron’s Mini can bugger off. They clearly only want your business when you’re buying a car rather than maintaining one four years later.

Anyway, weather-wise, the day was a bit of a mixed bag. It was very windy and the sky often looked well bruised and wet making between bouts of brilliant sunshine. I managed to put a load on the line which became wet all over again during a sudden, unexpected shower. Good job we have a dryer.

While we had lunch on the terrace, by the time dinner rolled around, it was windy and chilly with it. It also rained a bit. Obviously, we ate inside. After we found the dining table underneath Mirinda’s guitar paraphernalia.

Long Garden Walk
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